Acupuncture Laser Console System

Note: Available only in the USA

The MedX Acupuncture Laser System with its unique Light Guides deliver precise laser stimulation for auricular and body acupuncture. These protocols require point treatment for numerous locations within the ear and body.

For rehabilitation and sports medicine applications the larger fiber optic light guides provide point treatment with a single diode probe rather than treating a larger area with a laser cluster. The Laser Probe delivers the energy to deeper more specific target tissue, such as joints or muscle insertions. Can be ordered with or without SLD Clusters.

MedX Handheld Laser has a sleek, ergonomic design for ease of use. The Laser Probe delivers 200 mW of infrared energy from a single 808nm GaAlAs laser diode with a visible red guide light. The tethered device is powered and controlled by the MedX Console which is fast and easy to set-up.

SLD Cluster

The large area superluminous diodes (SLD) cluster provides energy with a combination of predominantly infrared (870 nm) and visible red (633nm) diodes to provide an even distribution of light energy over the entire area.

Two clusters can be strapped-on for hands free application, allowing unattended treatment. While treatment is being provided the console displays the remaining time and energy delivered. Once treatment has been completed the clusters are automatically turned off.

Read more in our Acupuncture Console Brochure. For further details about the product and training programs, please email us at or call toll free at +1 888-363-3112 (Cdn/US only) or +1 905-670-4428.

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