Skin Assessment

Advanced SIAscopy Technology For Skin Evaluation


  • Capture SIAscans in seconds
  • >1.5 million measurements per scan
  • Timely reassurance for your patients

Patient Friendly

  • Non-invasive
  • Painless
  • Clear, concise report for patient records and referrals
  • Allows patient interaction and improved education
  • On-screen SIAscans aid the patient consultation


  • Each image is fully calibrated, ensuring consistent image quality

Ease of Use

  • Icon-led navigation through program
  • Utilize your existing computer

Practice Friendly

  • Raise the profile and enhance the service offering of your practice
  • Improve patient education and your own clinical skills
  • Easily incorporated into patient workflow

1 ) Colour View

A clear and magnified view of the mole, aiding feature recognition.

2 ) Blood Supply View

Assists assessment of the damage to lower layers of the skin, assisting further in the identification of suspicious damaged areas.

3 ) Melanin View

This view confirms that the mole is a pigmented lesion.

4 ) Dermal Melanin View

Establishes the presence and distribution of pigment in the deeper layers of the skin. This may be important in differentiating a suspicious from a non-suspicious mole.

5 ) Collagen View

Assists assessment of the damage to lower layers of the skin, assisting further in the identification of suspicious damaged areas.



Analyze & Track




Dedicated to saving lives.


Capture high-quality images via the patient friendly hand-held scanner. SIMSYS uses SIAscopy - clinically proven technology which provides a unique level of detail and information from up to 2mm beneath the skin:

• Dermatoscopic View
• Blood View
• Melanin View
• Dermal Melanin View
• Collagen View


Analyze & Track

Analyze the images using the powerful SIMSYS system tools. These help you to assess the lesion quickly and easily.

    • Slider tool to fade between SIAscan™
    and dermatoscopic views
    • Pan and zoom with up to 40x magnification
    • Choice of in-built scoring systems
    • View comparison and overlay functions

Track changes in lesions using robust image storage features which facilitate direct on-screen comparison of past and present lesion images, allowing you to monitor changes over time



Streamline patient data and image management with the comprehensive SIMSYS database. Secure and easy to use, SIMSYS gives you a complete overview of each patient.

    • Flexible image and document database
    • Consolidate SIAscans, images, and other documents into one unique patient record

Pharmacy Experience

  • First in-store mole scanning service offered through ScreenCancer
  • In 100 Boots locations in Norway
  • Apotek Hjartat is second pharmacy based in mole scanning service
  • Currently in over 30 Apotek Hjartat locations in Sweden
  • Alphega Pharmacy is the third and largest pharmacy to offer our mole scanning technology; currently in 25 locations

Patient Testimonials: The day that ScreenCancer and Boots saved my life

Dermatologist Approved

“I have used Siascopy for six years and have found it an invaluable tool. I chose this technology because it gives me extra information about my patients’ suspicious moles and lesions through the additional views of the skin and helps me and the patients to come to a more informed decision about removal.

Another important aspect of the system is the level of patient reassurance and education that it offers. Often, I see patients who have been to other dermatologists and feel they are just practicing “defensive medicine”, it seems that no matter how frequently they visit their dermatologist, something needs to be removed.

Recently, I have seen two patients who had lesions that I felt needed removal (but) who refused because they felt I was just like the others. After I did the scans of these lesions and told them in advance what I was looking for, they allowed me to biopsy the lesions. Both proved to be malignant.”

Dr. R.H. Falcon, New York, USA

Executive Team

Robert von der Porten, B.A., M.B.A.

President and Chief Executive Officer, and Director

Robert brings over 30 years of executive experience within public and private companies to MedX.  His industry experience and expertise covers software, manufacturing, retail, franchising, and professional services.  He has ...


Larry Petersen, B.S., A.A.

Director of International Business Development

Mr. Larry Petersen has served as Director of International Business Development of MedX Health Corp. since May 2008 (over 7 years). Mr. Petersen is responsible at MedX for developing and managing an international network ...


Louie Canitano, B.Sc (N.H.)

Chief Operating Officer

Louie has over 20 years of operational Healthcare experience. Louie has covered all sectors including Clinical Operations, Sales and Marketing, Regulatory, IP and, Design, Development, and Production. Louie began his ...


Jim Cooke, CA, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Jim has more than 30 years of experience in various senior financial executive roles in private and public companies.  With experience across a number of industries, his experience includes CFO roles with several medical ...


Dr. Daniel A. Kaute

Managing Director

Dr. Daniel A. Kaute is Managing Director for MedX in the UK. He has a strong interest in medical technology, both through prior work experience, and by growing up with a long history of medical profession in his family, who used to own a well known private hospital in Berlin, Germany...



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