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SIMSYS™- MoleMate™


MoleMate: See More, Up To 2mm Beneath The Skin

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the world, more than 13 million cases are diagnosed annually. About 60,000 people die every year from skin cancer world wide.

Melanoma continues to rise at a faster rate than the 7 most common cancers, including prostate and breast cancer. Every hour of every day, one person dies of melanoma in the United States.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With prevention and early detection, the majority of skin cancers are preventable.

That’s where MoleMate comes in. Most cases of skin cancer are easily treated and cured if detected in the early stages. MoleMate is a non-invasive, rapid, and painless melanoma screening device that has been specifically designed with and for General Practitioners and skin specialists. By assisting and accelerating the diagnostic process, SIMSYT-MoleMate enables medical professionals to quickly scan and make a decision to refer a patient, to biopsy a lesion or immediately assure them that their lesion is not suspicious.

About SIMSYS™-MoleMate™

SIMSYS-MoleMate Skin Imaging System, a non-invasive skin cancer screening procedure, is a significant advance in the early detection of potentially life threatening moles and lesions.medical2

Physicians have found the SIMSYS-MoleMate SIAscope hand-held device easy to learn and use, and that it rapidly provides accurate images of the pigment, blood, and collagen below the mole or lesion.

Now, for the first time, physicians can more accurately evaluate suspicious moles and lesions in a non-invasive, pain-free way. Experts also believe it may reduce the need for time consuming and expensive biopsies.

MoleMate Benefits Any Medical Practice

  • SIAscopy technology: See up to 2mm beneath the skin surface
  • CE Mark Approved Low system cost & reimbursable
  • Raises your practice profile
  • Easily incorporates into patient workflow
  • Easy to learn technology
  • Quickly identifies treatable conditions resulting in fewer biopsies
  • Operates on all PC computers
  • Integrates easily into all EMR systems
  • Non-invasive, pain free
  • Immediate results
  • Clear, concise patient reports
  • 90 minute training CD included
  • On screen views enhance patient/MD consultation
  • Fewer biopsies, no delay in results
  • Helps identify/guide treatment for all mole types: Benign, SCC, BCC, Malignant Melanoma, etc.

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