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The Diagnostic characteristics of SIAscopy versus dermoscopy for pigmented skin lesions presenting in primary care

A wealth of data suggests that GPs have low specificity for diagnosing melanoma. Both SIAscopy™ and dermoscopy are potential tools to aid GPs in their diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions. Whilst the dermatoscope utilises oil immersion to visualize patterns through a translucent epidermis, the SIAscope™ is a non-invasive multispectral scanning technique which maps the concentration of dermal and epidermal melanin, blood and collagen thickness across the imaged skin lesion. Previous work in secondary care has demonstrated that both tools are effective in the early diagnosis of cutaneous malignant melanoma in expert hands. This is the first study to examine the diagnostic characteristics of SIAscopy for lesions presenting in primary care and, since the study protocol included more…

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